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Science Online Together 2014: Who are all the librarians? Who are all the Canadians?

Feb 26 2014 Published by under Canada, librarianship, scholarly publishing, scio14

I'll be at Science Online Together for the next few days. I missed last year so I'm really looking forward to getting back into the Science Online swing of things.

As is occasionally my habit, I'll be listing here some attendees that are either Canadian, librarians or, in a few select cases, both. I'm adding websites and Twitter handles in the lists, but only if they're included in the directory listing.




Jenny Ryan has this Twitter list which picks up a few that I missed. Thanks!

Of course, I've probably missed a few librarians and/or Canadians either by mistake or because I can't tell from the information in the directory listing. If I've missed you, please feel free to add your name in the comments.

As a note, Genome Alberta, Canadian Science Publishing, and are organizing a Thursday evening "Meet Some Canadians" dinner as one of the Dine Arounds. It's at the Tir na nOg pub. Canadian and non-Canadians alike are all welcome, although we may not be able to promise that there won't be any Olympic hockey related bragging.

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