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And Dorothea Salo makes four...

Jul 18 2009 Published by under admin, information science

That's four librar* blogs here at ScienceBlogs, of course, with hopefully more to come. We're taking over!

I'll let Dorothea introduce herself:

I'm very pleased to welcome you all to The Book of Trogool, a brand-new blog about e-research. My name is Dorothea Salo, I'm an academic librarian, and I am fascinated with the changes that computers have wrought in the academic-research enterprise. I hope to explore those changes, and particularly library responses to them, in the company of the wonderful ScienceBlogs community. My thanks to John, Christina, and Walt for paving the way, and to Erin for welcoming me here.

I hope to tell stories about e-research projects (because narrative is how humans come to grips with novelty), pass on tidbits of e-research-related news, demystify jargon, ask and answer questions--in toto, I hope to bridge the science, library, and IT communities as we all work to understand, accommodate, and make the most of computers in research.

And yes, she does explain the name of her new blog.

Run on over and check out Dorothea's new digs at The Book of Trogool, especially her first real post on What is e-research?

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Looking for ideas for the Information Science channel

Jun 02 2009 Published by under academia, information science, librarianship

As you may have noticed, ScienceBlogs is making a concerted effort to engage a broad range of the Information Science community. That community includes librarians, publishing people and scholars who are interested in issues around libraries, information management, scholarly publishing, Open Access, research metrics, human-computer interaction, privacy, intellectual property and a whole host of other topics.

The first step was recruiting a couple of new bloggers from the library community -- Christina Pikas and myself -- to supplement the considerable amount of IS discussion that's already happening among the existing ScienceBlogs community. I imagine that the future will bring more bloggers into the fold that have an Information Science focus of some sort.

The second step is the launch of the new Information Science channel. So far, it is a channel like any other -- it features the most recent blog postings that have been assigned to the category by the bloggers themselves. However, we have plans. And by "we" I mean ScienceBlogs along with the IS blogging contingent. The plans involve adding value and content to the channel beyond just the blog posts.

Some of the stuff I could envision?

  • Highlighting new books in the field, possibly with excerpts
  • Journal tables of contents and/or article highlights from relevant journals
  • Highlighting relevant blog posts from beyond the ScienceBlogs universe
  • Information Science blogroll and link portal

The channel is here and the ScienceBlogs announcement is here.

Which brings me to the real point of this post: What features and content would you like to see as part of the Information Science Channel? Think big, think broad, think beyond libraries and ScienceBlogs.

Leave a comment here or email me at jdupuis at yorku dot ca.

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