Friday Fun: Local artist paid with, dies from, exposure

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This one's pretty funny, if only in the so-funny-it-hurts category. I'm one of those dinosaurs that tends to actually want to own a good part of the culture I consume, books and music mainly more than TV or movies.

Enjoy the squirmy discomfort of this one.

Local artist paid with, dies from, exposure

TORONTO - In the early hours of yesterday morning, local artist Sue Jolley was found dead of exposure mere days after being paid with the same.

“We’re all shocked by this, but contrary to popular belief we were paying her quite well,” said H&M Canada representative Lawrence Pike, who had hired Jolley to create a mural at their downtown location. “In her contract, she was set to receive fair compensation in the form of exposure, promotion, opportunity, free publicity, “a foot in the door”, and at least 5 real-world experiences.”

“It’s a shame that her generation is so lazy that sometimes they’d rather breathe their last under an overpass while curled in a ball for warmth instead of, you know, working hard and sticking it out.”

And a couple along the same line, but in a more serious vein: Selling Out: How much do music artists earn online and Spotify Is Now Worth More Than the Entire US Recording Industry….

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