Friday Fun: 5 Signs the Tech Industry Finally Ran Out of Ideas in 2013

Dec 20 2013 Published by under friday fun

Happy holidays everyone!

This will probably be the last Friday Fun of the year (and yes, I promise to try and get closer to my old weekly schedule next year...) so I thought I'd feature something with a year end theme.

And really, haven't we all thought at times that the tech industry is really just making all this stuff up as they go along, with really no more aim in mind than taking our money and wasting our time?

5 Signs the Tech Industry Finally Ran Out of Ideas in 2013

  1. Apple Appears to Have Stopped Innovating
  2. 3D TV Failed, and Television Makers Are Lost as to What's Next
  3. Wearable Gadgets Arrived, and They're as Ridiculous as You Thought

    Like Google Glass, the Next Big Thing in smartphone technology that tantalized nerds with the promise of augmented reality (aka Terminator vision) and threatened the rest of us with a future full of drooling Glass zombies shuffling around, deeply engrossed in apps only they can see. The reality is these smart glasses have only a few hours of battery life, can only display a tiny, grainy image, often don't work if you already wear glasses, don't fold up for easy storage, and oh, by the way, are much less capable than even a cheap smartphone -- in other words, you still need to keep a phone in your pocket. So Glass adds to the amount of shit you have to carry around, and charge, and upgrade. You may recognize this multiplication and complication of consumer tech as the exact opposite of what technology has been trying to accomplish for the last 50 years or so.

  4. The New Game Consoles Arrived, Based on Features No One Could Want
  5. 2013 Was the Year Google Finally Turned Evil

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