Current/Future State of Higher Education: Week 2 reading list!

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I'm at the Access Conference in Montreal this week starting today, so I'm a bit behind on the readings for the Current/Future State of Higher Education MOOC I'm participating in. I'm hoping a nice long relaxing train ride will give me the opportunity to catch up.

Anyways, Week 1 was a great introduction to the issues facing higher ed and here in Week 2

Week 2: Net Pedagogies: New models for teaching and learning
Readings and Resources

Blended Learning Models

Online Learning

And this week we do have some interesting learning activities to get ourselves thinking.

Learning Activities: Week Two

  • Map what you are hearing to your institutional context. What parts are relevant to your institution?
  • What might be your role in moving your school to a new model?
  • Write a dialog/argument you would make to sell the administration on the idea of moving to a new model

The learning activities I'm basically just doing in my head rather than writing them down anywhere. And that's partly because my institution is both a little behind on these types of things but is also definitely aiming much higher and hoping to make some progress. As our Provost Patrick Monahan's TEDxYorkU talk ably demonstrated, there is the desire and the will at the very top.

At the same time, I'm also quite aware that the learning activities do make an important assumption that is perhaps not completely justified -- that the correct and only path is finding a new technology-centric model and advocating for moving to that model. Which is I guess not surprising for a MOOC on basically that very topic. But still, I think an equally valid outcome for this course might be rejecting any idea of the inevitability/desirability of such a new model and coming up with an argument for that position.

Open inquiry is open inquiry, right?

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