Friday Fun: The 5 Most Terrifying Ways Doctors Went Crazy on the Job

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Er, this one is pretty disturbing, perhaps not suitable for summer entertainment.

But still, sacred cows are always a target here in the Friday Fun space: The 5 Most Terrifying Ways Doctors Went Crazy on the Job.

And thankfully, I'm about mid-way between checkups so I'll have plenty of time to forget about his one...

#1. The Doctor Who Gave His Girlfriend a Corpse Hand

Everyone has done something a little embarrassing in the name of love. We've all stood outside someone's window with a guitar, or, you know, lovingly dismembered a corpse to offer as a tip for our stripper girlfriend. Wait, maybe that one isn't so common. But that's what Dr. Ahmed Rashed did back in 2002, while he was studying in medical school.

The crime was discovered when police entered the home of topless dancer Linda Kay on an unrelated matter, a matter which probably took a back seat as soon as the cops saw the severed hand sitting in a jar on her dresser.

The story goes that Dr. Rashed, who was still just Mr. Rashed back then, became friendly with Kay while he was studying and she was taking her clothes off for money. Presumably, he told her that he'd do anything for a date, and she asked, "Anything?"

The hand came from a cadaver at the university that was due to be cremated, and according to Rashed's defense, he didn't realize that what he was doing was illegal. That's right, at no point while he was standing next to a casket with a bone saw, vigorously hacking some dead guy's hand off, did he take a moment to ask himself, "Wait a second, would this be considered illegal? Or insane?"

Rashed then took the hand back to the strip club and offered it to Kay, who not only didn't Mace him, but kept the damn thing for four years. It was only then, when Rashed was a licensed physician in Los Angeles, that he had to account for the whole situation and was arrested for theft, presumably after the judge had to flip through the law books to figure out what to charge him with.


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