Friday Fun: Faculty Fashion? Not!

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Academics aren't exactly known for their sartorial splendor. And that may be the understatement of the year.

A fun article by Daniel J. Myers in Insider Higher Ed from a few weeks ago: Faculty Fashion

Here's a quote:

What message might academics be trying to send when they flout the dictates of fashion and good taste, and ignore the color-clash pain they inflict on others? Well, it flows from the same reason we drive beat-up cars (rust-buckets that are still only automobiles in the academic sense) and refuse to edge our lawns. These choices are rarely driven by financial necessity, but rather because we take some kind of perverse pleasure in conspicuously displaying our disinterest in the material world. We wish to demonstrate that we just don’t care about these kinds of mundane trappings because we are so engrossed in the ethereal, all-consuming life of the mind.

And the first few style archetypes the author lists:

1. I’m not an Oxford professor, but I play one at Notre Dame.

2. This outfit worked at IBM in 1957, so why not wear it every day?

3. Why tuck in my shirt? I’ll just have to do it again tomorrow.

4. Bow ties say “intellectual,” are not the slightest bit nerdy and, as a bonus, they emphasize my growing midsection.

5. Versace Monday, Armani Wednesday: I’m sure to get a red hot pepper on

Myers lists 20 archetypes in all, but I'll let you explore those at the original post.

There's been a ton of articles and blog posts over the years about how librarians dress and the problems with our public images and all that, but I think it would be more fun if I let all of you out there in librarianland post and/or vent about that in the comments.

Academic librarian fashion? Have at it!


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