Friday Fun: How to tell if you’re a troll

Jul 06 2012 Published by under friday fun

This one is both kinda funny and kinda sad, from the "so funny it cycles around the funniness circle to not really funny anymore" file. It's basically a bunch of survey questions that someone can take to figure out if they're a troll. And they're a pretty good indicator.

Do you dare? Do I dare? Have at it: How to tell if you’re a troll

Here are a couple of the questions. You'll have to check out the link for the possible answers and the scoring system.

1. You read something on the internet you disagree with. How do you respond?

3. You read a new book recommended by others but you don’t like it.

5. You don’t like this blog:

This is definitely a case where the 400+ comments are just as worth reading (for the good, the bad, the sarcastic and the hard to tell) as the post itself.

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