Friday Fun: University of Virginia Rector Dragas Aims to Remove God from Notre Dame

Jun 29 2012 Published by under friday fun

One thing you have got to give to the more-than-slightly unhinged staff at The Cronk of Higher Ed is that they have a bizarre and hilarious take on the most important issues in higher education.

And sort of dead-on too.

This is a case of So Funny It Hurts.

U-Va. Rector Dragas Aims to Remove God from Notre Dame

“Notre Dame has been operating like an exceptional university of higher learning,” said Dragas in her announcement. “Unfortunately the world has changed and colleges need CEO-minded leaders. God is a great motivator, but He’s no CEO.”

As an example, Dragas explained that God had been given second and third chances to revive Notre Dame’s underperforming football program, but failed to show quantifiable results.

You might also find another related Cronk post amusing: Thomas Jefferson Rolls Over in His Grave.

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