Friday Fun: Family of Graduate Sets New Standard in Love-Showing Unruliness

Jun 22 2012 Published by under friday fun

Since it's convocation season, I thought I'd share this one from the ever-amusing, never-lets-me-down-late-on-a-Friday-afternoon-looking-for-something-anything-to-post-for-Friday-fun.

Family of Graduate Sets New Standard in Love-Showing Unruliness

Families at Kennebunkport State University’s commencement ceremony left in shame, realizing they had failed to show enough love for their respective graduates.

“After watching the Forrester family’s display of support for their son Lester, we realized the unworthiness of the flowers and gifts we brought for our graduating daughter Jessica,” said Samantha Anderson.


“Instead of the normal air horn, the Forresters rented an authentic Civil War era cannon and a fireworks launcher,” said Director of Alumni Affairs Tracy Wilkins. “How they sneaked them into the auditorium is still a mystery, but it shows that Lester comes from a family that values analytical problem-solving, just as our Kennebunkport mission promotes.”

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(Disclosure: my older son's graduation was last night and this post in no way reflects what our plans were for celebration.)

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