Friday Fun: Remembering Ray Bradbury

Jun 08 2012 Published by under friday fun, science books

This past week one of the true giants of fantastic literature died: Ray Bradbury.

I like what Gregory Benford had to say on the blog:

Nostalgia is eternal for Americans. We are often displaced from our origins and carry anxious memories of that lost past. We fear losing our bearings. By writing of futures that echo our nostalgias, Bradbury reminds us of both what we were and of what we could yet be.

Like most creative people, he was still a child at heart. His stories tell us: Hold on to your childhood. You don’t get another one. In so many stories, he gave us his childhood—and it worked for us, too.

And a few other of the commentaries I've seen around the web:

And a couple of my own posts inspired by Bradbury or his works:

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