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  • Anna Garcia says:

    I lean towards eating a whole foods, plant based diet -- in part because I disagree with how the majority of animal products are produced (causing strain on animals and the planet's resources), and in part because I feel that eating a lot of animal products is unhealthy.
    I am reading The China Study, and this book provides evidence that the consumption of animal based foods is linked to many chronic health problems.
    I would like to know if those of you following the Paleo diet are aware of this book, or the ideas presented in it, and what your thoughts are on the subject. Do you have any leanings towards not eating meat? Do you feel your diet is healthier than a vegetarian (or low meat) one?
    To provide further insights on my stance:
    I am all for trying to eat well and for taking charge of one's own destiny, whatever path that may be -- whether it's Paleo, Vegetarian, Raw, McDonald's 24/7, etc.
    I strongly feel that we should try to eat food that our body has evolved to survive on, so I totally get the idea of eating Paleo. I feed my dog a raw meat diet, as he's a carnivore and would eat meat in the wild.
    I don't think that there is a place in our diet for highly processed foods. I believe that eating whole grains is reasonable. I understand that we are omnivores, but in my mind it is most beneficial for our bodies to eat a whole foods, plant based diet, with meat on occasion if desired.
    I don't like the state that the meat industry as a whole is in, and as such feel that a lot of the animal products available aren't really "healthy". I feel completely differently about eating a chicken that has lived it's life running around outside eating bugs etc (living a "paleo" life as it were) vs. eating a factory farmed bird (see: what a chicken should look like).
    My personal theory is that historically humans needed to eat meat in order to survive and feed our large growing brains (read: Born to Run), but that meat and animal products aren't healthy for us in large quantities. As we now live in a period of abundance, I see no reason for us not to survive with little to no meat in our diets as our nutritional needs can be met without it.
    So, talk to me r/paleo. I understand where you're coming from, but when I see posts about eating lots of bacon and cream, it doesn't seem healthy to me. Can we all get away with it? Yes. Does it promote long-term health? I'm not so sure. And for the record, I still eat meat but try to limit it to "special" occasions -- like when it's fried chicken or bacon on the table.
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