Friday Fun: 25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore

Feb 03 2012 Published by under ebooks, friday fun, science books

Well, not me, exactly, but...

Anyways, some ideas and experiences from someone out there in blogland who used to be a lawyer and somehow managed to think opening a bookstore was a good idea.

25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore

Here's a chunk from the middle:

19. If you're thinking of giving someone a religious book for their graduation, rethink. It will end up unread and in pristine condition at a used book store, sometimes with the fifty dollar bill still tucked inside. (And you're off and leafing once again).

20. If you don't have an AARP card, you're apparently too young to read westerns.

21. A surprising number of people will think you've read every book in the store and will keep pulling out volumes and asking you what this one is about. These are the people who leave without buying a book, so it's time to have some fun. Make up plots.

22. Even if you're a used bookstore, people will get huffy when you don't have the new release by James Patterson. They are the same people who will ask for a discount because a book looks like it's been read.

Yeah, I've always vaguely dreamed of opening a used bookstore someday. Sadly, I've grown rather fond of eating so I've never gotten around to it.

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