Friday Fun: University Library Enlists Collaborative Cheerleaders

Jan 27 2012 Published by under acad lib future, friday fun

Ah, The Cronk News always turns a dull, freezing rainy, slushy, oh-my-god-climate-change-is-going-to-kill-us-all day into a warm fluffy puppy day.

University Library Enlists Collaborative Cheerleaders

When Sam Spivender, CEO of Temporarium University Library, noticed that no students collaborated in the new ten million dollar Collaborative Learning Center, he did what any rational library CEO would do: hired twenty collaborative cheerleaders, one for each collaborative pod, at a rate of fifteen hundred dollars per cheerleader per day.


A few students caught in the cheer circle giggled, encouraging even the crying Dante student to crack a smile. The cheerleaders took the students by the hand, walked them back into the reading room, and sat them down at their pods, where handheld devices and laptops lay blinking. The cheer team monitored the students for the rest of the morning, tapping them with pompoms if they stopped talking or opened a book.

Who knew there was a dark side to the learning commons movement?

(And yes, we have a learning commons here in our Scott Library.)

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