Best. Tweet. Ever. Or, library people at Science Online 2012

It all started with this innocent little tweet from @seelix:

In going through the twitter list, I believe that half the #scio12 people are either a librarian, a marine scientist or named Emily.

To which I responded:

@seelix is there a marine science librarian named Emily? #scio12

@BoraZ had to chime in as well:

The holotype #scio12-er RT @dupuisj: @seelix is there a marine science librarian named Emily? #scio12

With @seelix getting the last word:

Found my new career path! RT @BoraZ The holotype #scio12-er RT @dupuisj: @seelix is there a marine science librarian named Emily? #scio12

Over the years, there have been few Twitter exchanges that have made me as happy as that one. And not because it's funny in its own right.

It's because it reflects the significant presence at Science Online over the years of librarians and other library people. It reflects our efforts to establish ourselves within the community, to get it know what roles we can play and what we have to offer.

Librarians are making a place for themselves in science online by being part of Science Online.

Anyways, the webpage is here, the preliminary program is here and the full public registration list is here.

And from that public registration list, here is the list of library people I was able to find:

I note that a few of the librarians listed above are not on Twitter or G+. The rest of us shall have to do something about that 😉

And of course, please let me know if I missed anyone!

It's a good showing this year for sure, even with a couple of regulars are missing this year. Molly Keener has a speaking engagement elsewhere and Christina Pikas seems to have other things on her schedule as well. (Congrats, Christina!)

I'll have a post a bit later on that will profile the sessions that have librarians, library people or libraryish content.

And finally, the previous library people at Science Online lists: 2008, 2010, 2011.

Update 2012.01.11. Added Abigail Potter.

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