Charleston Conference Presentation: Keeping Up with the Things That Matter

I was at The Charleston Conference last week, thanks to Mike Diaz of Proquest who invited me to be on a panel that he moderated, along with Karen Downing and Clifford Lynch. The topic of the panel was Keeping Up with the Things That Matter: Current Awareness Tools and Strategies for Academic Libraries. Karen, Cliff and I came up with different takes on the subject but overall the panel was quite well attended and I think useful and interesting for audience members.

Not surprisingly, my take was a bit on the "stealthy librarian" side of things:

I enjoyed being a bit provocative and think that it went over well.

Overall, I have to say the conference was amazing. I really enjoyed myself and the presentations and keynotes were of uniformly high quality. There's a nice Storify here. I also met a lot of really great librarians and connected with colleagues from all over.

One of the nicest things about the conference was meeting in person so many people I'd only known online, such as Michael Porter, Eric Hellman and especially Wayne Bivens-Tatum of Academic Librarian fame.

And finally, a big thanks to Mike Diaz for inviting to speak on the panel and giving me the opportunity to enjoy Charleston!

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