Friday Fun: New craze of 'Working' sweeping the internet

Oct 28 2011 Published by under friday fun

With The Onion implementing a new paywall with non-US users, I'm forced to look for a new source of cheap amusement.

Yes, I'm too cheap to pay for The Onion online. For a paper copy, I'd easily pay $5 per week but online infotainment has no monetary value for me, and I suspect for anyone else. Writers starving? At a fundamental level, I'm ok with that. Hey, Onion, good luck with the new system. Can't win either way?

Anyways, if you Yanks are going to make me pay, I'll be turning my comical attentions to Canada's colonial master -- the Brits.

And that brings us to News Biscuit!

And this weeks little bit of silliness, so perfect for a Friday afternoon: New craze of 'Working' sweeping the internet.

Stand aside 'Planking', move over 'Batmanning', there's a new game in town. 'Working' is the new craze which has Facebook users flocking to upload photos of themselves engaged in the most menial, soul-destroying jobs, while wishing they'd paid more attention at school. Unemployed 19 year old Matt Johnstone from Seattle is the man credited with kicking off the latest internet phenomenon for people with way too much time on their hands.

Go ahead, click on the link. Every pageview probably nets the pitiful author of the piece a hundredth or even a thousandth of a cent.

(I'll have you all know that I've timed this to appear just as I'm heading off to a long Friday afternoon strategic planning meeting....)

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