Friday Fun: Nobel Prize Committee Snubs Professor Huckman's Bigfoot Research Again

Oct 21 2011 Published by under friday fun

I like to think of Nobel Week as stretching through the entirety of October and certainly The Cronk has made that much easier this year with a fun little article, Nobel Prize Committee Snubs Professor Huckman's Bigfoot Research Again!

For the thirteenth time in thirteen years, Professor Mikael Huckman's write-in campaign to the Nobel Prize in Physiology was overlooked in favor of what Huckman refers to as "political hogwash."

Huckman has been the head researcher at the Sasquatch Studies Institute for over two decades and has appeared in over 100 self-produced documentary films and scholarly promotional trifold pamphlets.


"I have tangible clay casts of giant toe prints and crystal clear recordings of Sasquatch howling," said Huckman. "Still, we get beat out by theories and conjecture every year. I've just put a motion-sensing camera on the back of my garage laboratory and our findings are irrefutable. He looks about the same size and shape as my neighbor's dog at night, but he can shrink and disguise himself as a feral cat during the day. Now that we have solid proof of the creature's dexterity and ability to adapt we'll finally get our ticket to Stockholm."

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  • Collin says:

    So Bigfoot is no longer a never-seen creature that looks like no living animal. Now it's an always-seen creature that looks like any animal within range of Huckman's camera. Talk about moving the goalposts!

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