Around the Web: Some reactions to the death of Steve Jobs

Oct 06 2011 Published by under around the web

As I'm sure everyone who's spent anytime exposed to any media at all over the last day knows that Steve Jobs has died. The death of anyone so young and with so much left to give is a tragedy to their immediate circle of family, friends and co-workers and they certainly have my sincere sympathy for their loss.

But of course, Steve Jobs was a very public figure who's death has had a huge emotional impact on many people, including many he never met.

And that's because of the immense impact of the full range of Apple products have had on people's everyday lives. Steve Jobs seemed somehow present in our lives through the gadgets he brought into life.

My own relationship with Apple stuff is a bit fraught. I certainly am no Apple fanboy nor a Mac cultist. Similarly I've always been suspicious of Apple's rapacious business practices, their propensity for walled gardens and exploitation of their labour force.

On the other hand, you would have to pry my iPhone and iPad from my cold dead hands.

So the stuff I'm linking to below does reflect my own mixed feeling about the topic at hand.

And a couple from before Jobs passed away but still worth noting at this time: Steve's Seven Insights for 21st Century Capitalists and How Steve Jobs changed (but didn't save) journalism.

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