Call for Posts and Papers: Librarianship by Walking Around

A project I heartily endorse on a topic near and dear to my heart, launched by the Library Society of the World, Librarianship by Walking Around:

The Library Society of the World is putting together an online and print-on-demand anthology of weblog posts, essays, articles, and other material entitled Librarianship by Walking Around, patterned after the successful Hacking the Academy project.

Librarianship doesn't just happen in the library! Librarianship happens wherever information exchange happens--that is, just about everywhere. Librarianship by Walking Around celebrates librarians who leave their libraries and their comfort zones to ply the library trade.

Submit your work or suggest another's by commenting here, tweeting the link with the hashtag #libwalk, or posting to the Library Society of the World's FriendFeed group by Friday, October 21. Themes may include (but are not limited to):

  • Serendipitous encounters (and how to engineer them)
  • Joining patron communities
  • Walking around online
  • Walking around non-library literature and non-library conferences
  • Embedded librarianship (in all its forms)

All on-topic submissions will appear on the project's web page. The LSW will select from these for the anthology, expected to be available in free .epub and low-cost print-on-demand versions. All authors whose pieces are chosen for the anthology will be asked to license the piece as CC-BY. Authors unwilling to do so will not appear in the anthology.

Walk around the information world with us!

I've already submitted a couple of older posts to the project and I'd encourage everyone else out there to consider submitting as well.

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