Friday Fun: Student Takes Tenured Professor to Antiques Road Show

Aug 05 2011 Published by under friday fun

Believe me, there are days when I think I'd like to be sold for scrap.

Anyways, Student Takes Tenured Professor to Antiques Road Show.

Archeology major Wendy Markell packed Professor Mary Louise Grandy into her car last Saturday and took her to the most recent filming of the PBS program "Antiques Road Show."

"I've had Dr. Grandy's modern literature classes for three years and I was just curious what she was worth," said Markell. "Her lessons seem really old and I was hoping there might be something of value there."


"The transparencies used on classroom overhead projectors are slightly newer, which lowers the overall value of the item," warned Drucker. "Luckily Dr. Grandy still has mint-condition slideshows and there is no trace of PowerPoint, internet technology or literary references newer than 1978."

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