Friday Fun: The 8 Worst Types of Blog on the Internet

Jul 29 2011 Published by under blogging, friday fun

I usually don't feature too many Cracked posts here because, well, they can tend to be a little on the NSFW for a family blog like this one.

But this one is very funny and very true. Fortunately, I don't seem to qualify as any of the worst kinds of blogs, but I guess I'm not the best judge of that!

Here they are:

  • The "Let's Start a Blog" Blog
  • The Corporate Blog
  • The Shill Blog
  • The Parrot Blog. This is a blog which seems to exist solely to reprint, quote or link to other people's content. You can find these blogs everywhere, but by their very nature, they prefer cropping up in the more heavily populated parts of the blogoverse.
  • The Spam Blog
  • The Snark Blog
  • The Crazed Blog. These lurk on the fringes of legitimate parts of the blogoplex, often around political blogs. You'll stumble upon these occasionally while browsing useful sites, maybe while pursuing an automatically generated link looking for Hillary Clinton upskirts. (This is all hypothetical.) Their insanity is easy to pick out when you arrive, as they tend to prefer garish fonts and graphical themes, animated gifs and heavy capitalization of words like Truth, Underground, Crystals, Secrets, Patriot, etc. ... They'll also usually have links to self-published books written by self-published book writin' kind of authors.
  • Well, I'll let you discover this one for yourself...

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