Friday Fun: Summer Conference Director Suspended for Damning Youth Group to Hell

Jul 02 2011 Published by under friday fun

You would think what with me being Canadian and all and this being the day after Canada Day, I'd somehow try and find the energy to hunt up a nice piece of Canadian humour to highlight in my weekly Friday Fun feature.

We Canadians are pretty funny, after all.

I guess it's even more Canadian not to bother highlighting or promoting other Canadians. Tall poppy syndrome, eh?

Anyways, this one from The Cronk of Higher Ed is pretty funny: Summer Conference Director Suspended for Damning Youth Group to Hell.

Dr. Charlotte Digges, president of Lottie University, issued a statement today condemning the actions of Mr. Crawford Howell, director of summer conferences. "We at Lottie University value our long-standing partnership with the Greater Eastern Baptist Convention and, as a result of Mr. Howell's outrageous comments, we have removed him from the Summer Conference program effective immediately."

According to witnesses, Mr. Howell told a group of youth attending the annual Greater Eastern Baptist Convention conference that he hopes they "burn for all eternity in the fiery pits of hell, right next to Sadaam Hussein and Osama bin Laden." It is unknown what brought about the outburst, but it appears to have followed an incident where the youth engaged in a violent food fight and failed to help clean up the dining hall.

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  • Elf Eye says:

    What's really funny (?) is that I could imagine a conference director at a real fundamentalist university actually saying something like this. Isn't there a saying that with fundamentalists it eventually becomes impossible to distinguish their everyday utterances from satire?

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