Friday Fun: The Five Worst (Hard) Science Fiction Movies Ever

Jun 10 2011 Published by under friday fun

I've watched a lot of bad science fiction movies over the years, but somehow have management to avoid 4 out of the 5 mentioned in Technology Review's list The Five Worst (Hard) Science Fiction Movies Ever!

  1. 2012 (2009)
  2. Lawnmower Man (1992): Trying to capitalize on the then-current zeitgeist of virtual reality, this movie is basically Flowers For Algernon, except that the mentally disabled human guinea pig ends up getting angry rather than reverting to their original condition. Like many similar cyberspace movies, Lawnmower Man uses the eye-rolling idea that the virtual reality interface also doubles as a brain fryer under the right circumstances--which might have been forgivable (for example, The Matrix managed to come up with a good reason as to why the interface would be buried in the user's brain), but the cheesy script and overly-ambitious computer graphics used to depict the virtual world just sunk this one, to the point that Stephen King sued to have to the studio stop using his name to promote the movie. Most cringeworthy line: "This technology is meant to expand human communication BUT YOU'RE NOT HUMAN ANYMORE!"
  3. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
  4. The Core (2003)
  5. ...Well to see what the worst one is, you'll have to check out the original post!

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  • NoAstronomer says:

    Personally I would have put The Core as the number one worst science fiction movie. Most of the science in the one they chose made some kind of sense. The Core is just garbage from beginning to end.


  • blf says:

    I've managed to avoid all of them—which is easy to do when you don't really bother with the movies (the last movie I can recall seeing was the LoTR !). In fact, the only one on the list I can recall hearing of is The Core, always in the context of mind-bogglingly terrible everything(not just the science) and perhaps in the running for the one of the worse movies evar…

  • IGPNicki says:

    I thought I was doing good until I realised I had seen #1 on the list- on the big screen no less! I remember it being the first time I was ever truly aware of product placement- in the M&Ms scene.

  • John Dupuis says:

    Lawnmower Man is the only one I've seen and it was awful. The others, well, I guess for a change the mainstream reviews of an sf film were right on.

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