Friday Fun: University Appoints Twelve Efficiency Czars to Streamline Bureaucracy

May 20 2011 Published by under friday fun

One of the reason I love the Cronk News so much is that sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry at one of their stories.

This is definitely one of those cases.

Oh, higher ed, you poor, poor deluded little dear.

Take a gander and read the whole article: SUNC Appoints Twelve Efficiency Czars to Streamline Bureaucracy.

"Our organizational chart is currently 70 layers deep, which is why I'm recommending we trim down to something the legislature will view as more reasonable, like 65 or 66," Brescia offered. "Unless the legislature continues to provide 40 percent of our funding SUNC won't stay afloat."

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  • Amenhotepstein says:

    It's a sad commentary on higher ed. that I was almost poed by this story. Thanks for introducing me to Cronk News, though, I got some good laughs (and cries) out of reading their archives!

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