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From the University of Toronto Academic Librarians' blog:

i-bc4bf13983a37dbb95e6cac4fcfd31ea-macbutton2.jpgIn response to McMaster University and their Library's recent treatment of their academic librarians and the notable gender imbalance at the May 17 conference at McMaster University (given that 80% of librarians are women), entitled "The Future of Academic Libraries" and which does not include McMaster University librarians, CAUT has produced a button which the UTFA Librarians Committee is urging all who support the role of academic librarianship to wear when attending the May 17th conference. For those from other universities who wish to silently show their support, contact, for some buttons.

Also from the University of Toronto Academic Librarians' blog, a Letter to President and Provost and Vice-President (Academic), McMaster University, for which you can find the full text here.

You might also be interested in reading the McMaster University Academic Librarians' Association review of their university librarian here.

Related to all this is my recently updated post, McMastergate in chronological order, or, Do libraries need librarians?.

I'm hoping to have a post responding to the themes in the symposium up tomorrow or very shortly after.

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