Friday Fun: We Are the Engineers!

May 13 2011 Published by under education, engineering, friday fun

This past Saturday I spent the afternoon at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival at the Toronto Reference Library. It was a blast, I met a ton of great comics people, spent way too much money and supported a lot of great artists and writers.

The highlight was discovering the new collection We Are the Engineers by former University of British Columbia engineering student Angela Melick. The book is an expanded collection of strips from her webcomic Wasted Talent.

Here's a bit from the Info page:

Welcome to the site! Basically, this is all you need to know: JamJAM, or Angela, is a mechanical engineer who draws comics (including this one). She lives in Vancouver. Likes cats, silly hats, coffee. She recently graduated from UBC and now works for "energyWise".

These comics are silly true stories from Jam's life. ... that's it! There's no ongoing "plot", but obviously, you learn more about the characters the more you read. Jump in wherever you like, and enjoy!

The book is terrific. Very funny and very true to life. A great slice of what it's like to be an engineering student. The webcomic has evolved into being about the life of a working engineer.

And here's a taste, a strip originally here in the webcomic and reprinted on page 54 of the book. (posted with permission)


Oh yeah, and buy the book. You won't be disappointed.

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