Friday Fun: Arianna Huffington, Queen Alien Facehugger!

Apr 15 2011 Published by under friday fun

Ok, not quite.

But I take my little title image from a post by Eric D. Snider on Arianna Huffington's "hostile takeover" of the "pay people fairly for the work they do" culture at AOL. (Yeah, scare quotes are relevant here, read the post.)

Anyways, the post is called, Leaving in a Huff.

And this is what inspired me to use it for a Friday Fun:

Did you know that when she had her first meetings with the AOL staff, she brought them Greek cookies and regaled them with amusing personal anecdotes?? It's true! Then she taught them traditional Greek folk songs! Then they all danced a tsamiko, drank ouzo, and ate gyros and baklava! Then Huffington emitted a bone-chilling shriek, unhinged her jaw, threw over the conference room table, and devoured everyone present.

It's actually quite a serious post, full of darkly cynical gallows humour. It's well worth reading for the insights it gives into a kind of worst case scenario for popular media business models in the online age, a world where individual bits of content have so little worth that the efforts of people who create it are similarly worth very little, if nothing.

Sobering, to say the least. Let's hope it doesn't all work out this way.

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