Friday Fun: Facebook Virtual Girlfriend Violates Terms of Service

Mar 25 2011 Published by under friday fun

The world sometimes seems like it's becoming a stranger and stranger place on an almost daily basis. Yep we're talking about Cloud Girlfriend.

From Christopher Mims at Technology Review Blogs: Facebook Virtual Girlfriend Violates Terms of Service:

Some startups don't make it past the phase where they build a mailing list of users for their service, and if Cloud Girlfriend isn't one of them, I will gladly eat my hat.


American males are experiencing a mancession, after all, which has made them less desirable as mates and more likely to remain in a state of indefinite adultescence. A virtual girlfriend is about all they can handle right now, thanks very much. How else to explain the explosion of interest in Cloud Girlfriend, which at this point is just a launch page brought to you by a company that makes it easy for any joker to set up a launch page?

Anyways, Mims has a lot more to say about the issue, especially the bit about the Facebook terms of service. He also has a bunch of links that I haven't included, so you'll definitely want to head over there to read the whole thing.

(Or more precisely, the world was always this strange, we just weren't as aware of how other people's strangeness differed from our own.)

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