Around the Web: HarperCollins library ebook linkdump apocalypse (#hcod 'r us) (Updated!)

For my own purposes I've been collecting various ebook-related posts for a while now and in particular the whole HarperCollins/library/ebook/Overdrive thing is a valuable source of lots of speculation and information. What I have below no doubt only represents a fairly small percentage of the total number of posts and articles about the issue.

My attention over the last few weeks has been a bit inconsistent too say the least so I'm sure I've missed a bunch of important posts. Please let me know in the comments about ones I should include. And I encourage people not to be modest and to let me know about their own posts.

I'm not particularly looking to add a lot of stuff from the popular media, more analytical or opinion pieces rather than reportage.

Like I said, please tell what I missed so I can update my list.

Update 2011.03.17. Added a few newer posts and some also based on recommendations on Twitter or Friendfeed. Thanks to those that made suggestions. I've also added my own relevant posts which I left out before out of a misplaced sense of false modesty. While I really can't fairly judge their actual significance compared to other posts, I at least attempted to advance the conversation. And that was more-or-less the criteria I used for inclusion on my list. The posts I added on this update: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14.

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