Friday Fun: Library Of Congress Adds 3 Titles To List Of Films That Should Be Destroyed Forever

Feb 11 2011 Published by under friday fun

Sometimes we collect stuff that we think no one else wants. Sometimes, maybe we should be anti-librarians and erase from all human memory things that should never have existed.

Kind of like that scene in The Ten Commandments where The Pharaoh orders all mention of Moses be obliterated from monuments and records.

I kind of like The Onion's take on it, Library of Congress Adds 3 Titles To List Of Films That Should Be Destroyed Forever:

The Library of Congress announced this year's selections for the National Film Incineration Project on Tuesday, naming three titles it had chosen to permanently eradicate for the sake of future generations. ... NFIP president Lawrence Feldman said as workers shoveled every known copy of Hollow Man 2, Nights In Rodanthe, and Rock Star into a furnace burning at 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. "I'd like to thank our librarians for their painstaking work combing thrift stores for VHS tapes and personally deleting every known digital version of these unremarkable films."

What would you add to the list? Or more precisely, what would you subtract from human memory?

I'll vote for The Phantom Menace.

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