Friday Fun: Starbucks Trenta + Whisky in a Can = ??????

Jan 21 2011 Published by under friday fun

Two recent developments that I think are connected in a strange way.

Starbucks just came out with a new drink size, the Trenta, where the volume of coffee is bigger than the human stomach. Wow, that's a lot of caffeine.

In the same vein, there a company out there that's come up with a 12 oz "Whisky in a Can" product. Yeah, that's 8 full shots of whisky. In a non-resealable can.

Ok, so my idea is this. Buy the coffee, empty out a little of it and dump in all booze from the can. Instant Scotch coffee. Or Irish coffee. Or rotgut coffee, more likely, given what they're probably putting in the cans.

Most likely, of course, are some rather nasty side effects.

Don't try this at home. Some information on potentially dangerous caffeinated alcoholic beverages.

(I first thought of this bizarre connection in response to a post at Tom Levenson's blog.)

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  • dean says:

    I think that the new trenta size is for soft drinks only - not the "coffee" they sell. You are right, it is a boatload of liquid.

    I saw the whiskey in a can: horrid - this, together with object oriented programming, will combine to end our civilization.

  • John Dupuis says:

    Yes, mostly for their "candy" style drinks -- but it did say Iced Coffee was one of them, so I guess I should chance my post to read "Irish Iced Coffee..." etc. Which sounds pretty gross, actually.

  • When I was visiting Japan once, the vending machine in the hotel had cans of whiskey and mixed drinks for sale. I'm afraid to say that I wasn't brave enough to try it.

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