Friday Fun: Appliqued holiday sweaters and other hilarious librarian stereotypes

Dec 24 2010 Published by under friday fun, librarianship

The Librarian's Guide to Etiquette is one of my favourite blogs -- always whimsical and cruel at the same time. Gentle and yet going for the jugular.

Basically, taking the piss out of the library profession since 2005.

Here's some favourite posts, recent and non-so-recent:

Sweaters, Holiday
A good librarian should have enough appliqued holiday sweaters so that he or she can wear a different one each day from Thanksgiving to Christmas. If you wear the same Rudolph sweater over and over, you may inadvertently subject your library coworkers to the condition known as festive fleece fatigue.

Conversation, Making
Librarians should limit themselves to one "cat story" per day to avoid the risk of becoming a bore around the library workplace. Also, once you are home, limit yourself to one "library story" per day to avoid becoming a bore to your cat.

Abstinence, Practising
Librarians should never have sex. The world can't handle it. Plus, your profession needs your resulting sexual frustration channeled towards the uniform placement of call number labels on book spines.

Provocative, Being
Be a library provocateur by making bold statements like

  • Library instruction doesn't work.
  • Library catalogs are obsolete.
  • Reference is dead.
  • Librarianship is not a science.
  • Google wins.

Be careful not to be too provocative, lest you run the risk of talking yourself out of your cushy job.

Signs, Making patrons read
Frustrated with patrons who won't read the signs you have hanging throughout your library? Here are some tips.....................

Well, you'll have to go over to the original post to see the punch lines for that one!

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