Welcome to YASBC: Occam's Typewriter

Dec 09 2010 Published by under blogging, culture of science

Yes, it was quiet for a while there, but it seems that change and disruption are inevitable in the world of science blogging.

Welcome to Yet Another Science Blogging Community: Occam's Typewriter.

Apparently born amidst much controversy and drama, it's a new community formed mostly (all?) from former Nature Network bloggers. For at least a bit of the inside story, run on over to NN survivor Eva Amsen's blog for My friends moved away, but I have their new addresses which seems to nicely encapsulate the science blogging world over the last six months or so.

Anyways, here's the really very fine list of blogs in the new community:


(From the scitech librarian blogger perspective, it's important to note that Frank Norman has moved his blog from NN to the new community.)

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