Shortlist for the Lane Anderson Award for Canadian Science Books

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From the Eligibility and Submission Requirements page:

The annual Lane Anderson Award will honour two jury-selected books, adult and young reader, published in the field of science by Canadian-owned publishers, and authored by Canadians. The winner in each category will receive $10,000.

Two three-person jury panels drawn from the Canadian academic, publishing, creative and institutional fields will review submissions in the two categories, and the jury will be announced with the winners at an event in Toronto on the 15th September.

The two shortlists will be announced on August 16th, 2010. Closing date for submissions is April 30th 2010 for books published in 2009.

The shortlist has been announced, though curiously it isn't mentioned on their web page.

The six nominees for the inaugural Lane Anderson Award were announced today by Hollister Doll and Sharon Fitzhenry, directors of the Fitzhenry Family Foundation. The award, which is to be handed out annually, will honour two titles - one for adults, one for young readers - published in the field of science. Titles must be written by a Canadian, and the winner in each category will receive $10,000.


  • The River Returns: An Environmental History of the Bow by Christopher Armstrong, Matthew Evenden, and H.V. Nelles
  • Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis by Alanna Mitchell
  • Top 100 Food Plants: The World's Most Important Culinary Crops by Ernest Small

Young Readers

  • The Insecto-Files by Helaine Becker; Claudia Davita, illus.
  • Big and Small, Room For All by Jo Ellen Bogart; Gillian Newland, illus.
  • Why Do Horses Have Manes? by Elizabeth MacLeod

Given the generally small number of Canadian-authored science books that come out every year, I'd really like to see their list of eligible/submitted works. I definitely would want to be able to purchase many if not most of them for our collection.

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