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Aug 05 2010 Published by under blogging, culture of science, librarianship

Thanks to Mike the Mad Biologist for tagging me with this meme. Like Mike, I'm not much of a memer, but this one looks interesting (and simple) enough to give a try.

The idea is to "Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words" and then to tag 10 further blogs.

So, here goes:

Bring the world of scientists to librarians and vice versa.

That was strangely easy to formulate and I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Similarly, I think it's an overall mission statement rather than something that needs to be implemented with each post I make. Over the long view, nearly eight years of blogging, I think it's going pretty well.

And in that spirit, I'll tag 10 more blogs, five librarian and 5 scientist. Apologies to those that have already been tagged. Also, please consider responding to the tagging completely optional.

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