Charlotte Observer interview: Find the future at a 21st-century science library

Aug 02 2010 Published by under blogging, personal

T. DeLene Beeland (Twitter) contacted me last week and was kind enough to offer to interview me for an honest-to-goodness print newspaper -- The Charlotte Observer: Find the future at a 21st-century science library. It;s part of a series of interviews she's done with science bloggers.

Here's an exerpt from the interview. My answers to DeLene's questions were about 2-3 times longer than she was able to use, so she's done a great job editing them down to more manageable lengths.

Q. What are some of the biggest trending changes in science libraries currently?

One thing we're working really hard on is integrating librarians in the undergraduate educational process - getting ourselves in the classrooms to help the professors teach students about navigating an increasingly complex information environment. In other places, the changes will revolve around helping manage research data or embedding librarians in labs. Most places are working on multiple fronts. It's interesting times.

Thanks, DeLene!

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