SciFoo: The Joys and Sorrows of Blogging on a Network

Jul 29 2010 Published by under blogging, culture of science, education, scifoo10

A few of us are proposing this session at the upcoming Science Foo Camp at Google HQ this coming weekend:

The Joys and Sorrows of Blogging on a Network

What with the recent Pepsigate crisis at ScienceBlogs and some rumblings at Nature Network not to mention a bunch of new players on the blogging network landscape, it seems like a good time to take a look at what's going on out there. Let's talk about the past, present and future of science blogging on a network and, indeed, of science blogging itself. Join Eva Amsen, John Dupuis, Jonah Lehrer, Andrew Revkin and Carl Zimmer.

I thought in this post I'd gather some useful background links for the session. This isn't meant to be comprehensive or even representative of all the commentary that's out there. It's just a selection meant to be thought provoking and conversation starting. I'm going to try not to duplicate too much of what Bora linked to in his <a href="The PepsiGate linkfest.

Here goes:

My takes are here and here.

I like this quote:

Is that an ego thing? Maybe it is, but for the love of Pete I'm a blogger. If there's anything bigger than my ego I want it shot and brought to me on a plate right now.

Any links you want to add? Any questions you want answered?

Update 2010.07.30: Links worth checking out:

  • A Blog Around the Clock: Thank you! (Has links to a ton more relevant posts.)

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  • Coturnix says:

    This will go into the spam folder if I put too many links. So, go to my 'Thank You' post from last week and go down to the paragraph where I link to a lot of people. See, for example, three posts by Richard Gayle, the article in Newsweek, David Dobbs (both his blog and Guardian). Also check out all the Abel Pharmboy's posts on the topic before and after he left Sb. John Rennie post right after the PepsiGate is also good.

    I wish they would re-invite me to Scifoo, but I guess I am too much of a rabblerouser on Open Access for a Nature-organized meeting 😉

    ...oh, and say Hi to Timo from me...

  • John Dupuis says:

    Thanks, Bora. I'll add a link to your thank you post. I'm not sure why I didn't in the first place, I certainly meant to...

    And I certainly will say hi to Timo for you -- and carry one of the many OA flags at the meeting. And I don't think Nature is too enamoured with librarians these days either.

  • Lab Rat says:

    The original source for the "Anything bigger than my ego should be shot" quote was Zaphod Beelblebrox via Douglas Adams. It is an awesome quote though and definitely applies to the way I feel about my blog! Something about the online presence has a bigger ego than the real-world presence.

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