Bora leaves ScienceBlogs, ground shifts under our feet

Jul 19 2010 Published by under blogging, personal

The fallout of the Pepsigate scandal continues.

Bora's recent relative blogging silence left me with a bad feeling, an ominous feeling. A feeling like the other shoe was about to drop.

Well, it did. Bora is leaving ScienceBlogs.

As with most of Bora's giant summary zeitgeist posts, you just have to read the whole thing yourself. The comments too are incredibly heartfelt.

For me, Bora always epitomized ScienceBlogs. He was always the ultimate SciBling and I was so thrilled to be blogging her next to him when I joined. Bora's also always really epitomized science blogging as a whole to me. As such, I always felt that he was shepherding and guiding all the rest of us. He was also one of the first non-library blogs that every noticed my humble blogging efforts.

Bora = ScienceBlogs. Bora = science blogging.

He'll be missed. But, being indefatigable and incorrigible and undefeated and incredible and unbelievable (and pretty well every other un- and in- you can think of!), he continues blogging and shepherding and all the rest.

It's a beginning as well as an ending and while we mourn one we should also celebrate the other.

As for the rest of us, it really does feel like it changes everything, like it's a point of no return or a foreshadowing.

(To check out more online reaction, follow the #IoweBora hashtag on Twitter.)

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