Friday Fun: Batman's 34 greatest tweets

Jul 16 2010 Published by under friday fun

So, it appears that Batman is on Twitter.

From the newly renamed Blastr site, I give you a selection of Batman's 34 greatest tweets:

Watch out criminal scum, I'm trying to kick caffeine again. And we all remembered what happened last time, don't we? DON'T WE!!!

Going to help with the clean up effort in the Gulf. And by "clean up effort" I mean breaking some BP exec's knee caps.

Hey Tony Stark, there's a "Rich Drunk Douchebags Anonymous" meeting tomorrow. I'll sign you up for a seat. With my fists.

Arkham is a disgusting, human rights-violating hellhole. It's like my Disneyland.

What do I call my iPhone? The BATiPhone? The iBatPhone? These are the things that keep me up at night. Well that and the face punching.

No Alfred, I DON'T know what PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE means. Why don't you EXPLAIN it to me.

Clearly this is the Dark Knight Batman, not the swinging 60's Batman.

I'm curious. Which amusing and/or bizarre Twitter feeds do you follow? One of my favourites is Big Ben.

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