Friday Fun: Great Literature Retitled to Boost Website Traffic

Jun 18 2010 Published by under friday fun

From McSweeney's, a glimpse into the future perhaps...

7 Awesome Ways Barnyard Animals Are Like Communism

The 11 Stupidest Things Phonies Do To Ruin The World

8 Surprising Ways West Egg Is Exemplary Of The Hollowness Of The American Dream

And that's only the first half of them...head on over to the original link for more.

Of course, this is the kind of Friday Fun that really encourages audience participation. Let's see if we can't all take a few of our favourite books and turn them into link bait!

3 Amazing Ways to Turn Mars into an Earth-like Planet!

Want to create a plague that will kill most the people on the planet and pit humanity against eternal evil...Here's how!

11 Simple Ways to Return Cthulhu to His Rightful Place in Our Dimension!

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