Friday Fun: University Responds to Cry for More Parking by Destroying Academic Buildings

May 14 2010 Published by under friday fun

The Cronk of Higher Education is seriously my new very best friend. I work on a very large commuter campus and let's just say this very definitely resonated with me. I also take public transit to work every day through a very crowded and congested city, with my commute time varying from 60-90 minutes each way, sometimes worse if you include time waiting for the bus to arrive.

Take a look:

Bates explained that within the next eight months, all academic buildings at the university would be destroyed to create more available parking.

"Where the buildings once stood, we'll install JumboTron screens. Students and faculty will never have to leave their cars," Bates said. "It's progressive, like a drive-in classroom."

The new drive-in lots will be outfitted with audio transmitters, allowing students to hear lectures via their car stereos.

Lyle Beagley, chair of faculty senate, expressed the faculty's enthusiasm for the new plan.

"I think this plan is innovative and groundbreaking. It solves all sorts of problems from all perspectives," said Beagley.

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