Friday Fun: The Most Amazing Libraries in the World!

Mar 05 2010 Published by under friday fun, librarianship

The Huffington Post has a couple of posts featuring the most amazingly beautiful libraries in the world, Part One here and Part Two here.
Here's the text from the two posts:

Times are changing for libraries everywhere. But even as many libraries build their digital collections and amp up their technological offerings, we thought we'd take a step back and show our appreciation for the beauty of many of these vast collections of books. Below are some of the most amazingly beautiful libraries from around the world.

Let us know what you think of these and let us know your favorites.


Last month, we brought you a slideshow of the most amazing libraries in the world. The responses from readers were so full of suggestions that we couldn't resist running another batch of our favorites and yours. We're getting a lot of bad news about libraries recently, as funding drops and major cuts are made, but these buildings and collections remind us of how important libraries are, and how much they are worth saving!

The first library featured in Part Two is Canada's Library of Parliament.

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