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Following along in the tradition of Bora's introductions of the various attendees for the upcoming Science Online 2010 conference, I thought I'd list all the library people that are attended. I'm not going to try and introduce each of the library people, I'll leave that to Bora, but I thought it might be nice to have us all listed in one place.

I did a quick list in my post a while back, but I revisited the attendee list after it closed and noticed a couple of people that weren't in the first list.

As I said in the earlier post, there's been a good tradition of librarians and library people attending Science Online and this year looks to be no exception. So, here's the updated list. Of course, it's only the people whose names I recognize or who I was able to figure out had a library connection so I may be missing a couple. If I've missed you, let me know and I'll add you.

I'm lucky enough to have met a good number of the above librarians and I'm really looking forward to meeting Stephanie and Dorothea who I've know online for a while but haven't had a chance to mean in person yet.

There are also a few library-themed sessions at the conference. It's worth following the links to the wiki description pages as those have a lot more information on what the session will be about and when kinds of questions/issues will be discussed:

Repositories for Fun and Profit - Dorothea Salo (Friday workshop)

Description: Why are my librarians bothering me with all this repository nonsense? What's a repository, and how is it different from a website? What can a repository do for me? Why should I bother with them? Does anybody use them? What's all this about metadata, anyway? Find out from a real live repository librarian!

Online Reference Managers - John Dupuis and Christina Pikas moderating, with Kevin Emamy, Jason Hoyt, Trevor Owens and Michael Habib (Scopus) in the 'hot seats'.

Description: Reference managers, sometimes called citation managers or bibliography managers, help you keep, organize, and re-use citation information. A few years ago, the options were limited to expensive proprietary desktop clients or BibTeX for people writing in LaTeX. Now we've got lots of choices, many that are online, support collaboration and information sharing, and that work with the authoring tools you use to write papers. In this session we'll hear from representatives of some of these tools and we'll talk about the features that make them useful. Together we will discuss some tips and tricks, best practices and maybe even get into upcoming features, wish lists and the future of citation management software.

Scientists! What can your librarian do for you? - Stephanie Willen Brown and Dorothea Salo

Description: Find free, scholarly, science stuff on the Internet, via your public or state library, or on the "free Web." Learn tips & tricks for getting full-text science research at all levels, through resources like DOAJ and NC Live (for those with a North Carolina library card; other states often offer free resources to library card holders). Find out about some options for storing science material at your academic institution's Institutional Repository. We will also talk about the broader access to material stored in institutional repositories and elsewhere on the Web.

Demo: Scangrants by Hope Leman

Description: ScanGrants is a free, subscribable (via email or RSS) online listing of grant opportunities, prizes and scholarships in the health and life sciences and community service fields.

I can't wait to get to the conference. I'll be arriving fairly late on Friday night, mostly because my son is coming with me and it just wasn't convenient for us to leave any earlier. I'll be posting summaries and impressions here at cross-posting at the ScienceOnline blog.

Update 2009.11.04: Gary Pattillo added.

Update 2010.01.14: List & sessions descriptions updated. Kevin Smith added to list. I'll be cross-posting to the ScienceOnline blog.

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  • Frank Norman says:

    I'm very jealous - would have loved to attend but will be on holiday still. Good to see a strong library contingent there, and I'm sure there will be some interesting reading once it's all over and blogged about.

    Re. the online ref man session, looks interesting. You should get Martin Fenner along to that. He was a star at the event we organised in July on this topic. We set up a Friendfeed room for it.

  • Hope Leman says:

    Hi, John. Very interesting post--thank you. It is indeed neat to see so many library people getting into Open Science. It is a fascinating, exciting and important realm. I am so excited to actually get to meet Jean-Claude Bradley, Cameron Neylon, Dorothea Salo and you. Killer team!

  • Josh Wilson says:

    John, I'm looking forward to the conference. I went to the inaugural conference in 2007 (when it was just the NC Science Blogging Conference) but haven't been back since, even though it's in my neighborhood. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet you and some of the other librarians that I don't know from your list.

  • I'm very much looking forward to it! Another librarian who'll be attending is my UNC colleague Gary Pattillo, for the record. 🙂

    See you all soon!

  • John Dupuis says:

    Thanks everyone! Now that the comment issue is better, stuff is showing up again.

    Stephanie, thanks for mentioning. I've added Gary to the list. Gary also emailed me to let me know too.

    Josh, Hope, I look forward to meeting you as well as all the other librarians in attendance.

    Frank, I'm similarly jealous that I've not been able to make the London conferences. And thanks to the link to the FF room -- I remember following it at the time but I'm glad to be reminded.

  • Dr. Dinesh Kumar says:

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