Top 5 Must-Read Social Media Books

Sort of related to my ongoing series of Best Science Books 2009 lists, here's a nice list of the top 5 social media books I found on Mashable, via Tara Hunt. They're all 2009 books, after all.

The list is from Steve Cunningham who interestingly frames the five books in terms of the lessons we should take away from them.

Four of the books look pretty good, the kinds of books that have lot to say about how libraries could engage patrons in social media spaces. I have both the Mitch Joel and Tara Hunt books kicking around the house and look forward to reading them and will probably get both the Brogan and Weinberg eventually. And reviewing them all here, of course.

As for Crush It!, well, I tend to favour a bit more of a work/life balance than that book seems to advocate.

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