And Dorothea Salo makes four...

Jul 18 2009 Published by under admin, information science

That's four librar* blogs here at ScienceBlogs, of course, with hopefully more to come. We're taking over!

I'll let Dorothea introduce herself:

I'm very pleased to welcome you all to The Book of Trogool, a brand-new blog about e-research. My name is Dorothea Salo, I'm an academic librarian, and I am fascinated with the changes that computers have wrought in the academic-research enterprise. I hope to explore those changes, and particularly library responses to them, in the company of the wonderful ScienceBlogs community. My thanks to John, Christina, and Walt for paving the way, and to Erin for welcoming me here.

I hope to tell stories about e-research projects (because narrative is how humans come to grips with novelty), pass on tidbits of e-research-related news, demystify jargon, ask and answer questions--in toto, I hope to bridge the science, library, and IT communities as we all work to understand, accommodate, and make the most of computers in research.

And yes, she does explain the name of her new blog.

Run on over and check out Dorothea's new digs at The Book of Trogool, especially her first real post on What is e-research?

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  • Damn. Bad librarian. Shushing is precisely what I'm WORST at.

  • John Dupuis says:

    Sadly, mediating between students that need quiet study space and those that need collaborative or social space is a pretty significant part of my job, especially around exam time.

    My library is basically one big open space which, while attractive, means that sound from noisy areas bleeds into the designated quiet areas. We're also totally full most of the time, which creates a lot of pressure on seating. (We have 300 seats to serve a student population of 6-8K.)

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