My Job in 10 Years: The Article

Those of you with long memories may recall that I gave a presentation at the Ontario Library Association conference in 2008 based on the My Job in 10 years blog posts.

Shortly after that presentation, I was approached by Cecile Farnum, the OCULA divisional editor for the OLA magazine Access about writing the presentation as an article. To make a long story short, it's just been published in the Summer 2009 issue!

Of course, I've deposited a scanned version of the article in our IR here, with the scanned version here and my slightly longer original here. I came in a little longer than the word limit when I submitted to Cecile and she was kind enough to edit it down for me and did a great job preserving what I wanted to say, just more concisely.

This particular addition to the ever-growing My Job in 10 Years media empire focuses on libraries within a reputation economy context, making it a bit different from the blog posts and the original presentation.

Enjoy! And needless to say, I'd appreciate any feedback.

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