Friday Fun: The 7 Most Impressive Libraries From Throughout History

Jun 12 2009 Published by under friday fun

Thanks to Mark Spicer for bringing this item to my attention. Note that the site I'm linking to sells printer cartridges, but still has some cool content.

The 7 Most Impressive Libraries From Throughout History. Drop by the article, it's well worth reading. It also has links to each of the libraries.

  1. The Great Library & Mouseion: The First Universal Library (Alexandria, Egypt)
  2. The Celsus Library: One of Antiquity's Finest Libraries (Ephesus, Turkey)
  3. The University of Sankore: An Ancient Seat of Muslim Learning (Sankore, Timbuktu)
  4. The Bodleian: One of The Oldest Surviving European Libraries (Oxford, England)

    It is said that King Charles I once asked the chief librarian of the Bodleian Library if he could borrow a book. A few years later, Oliver Cromwell asked the same question. The librarian refused them both. Stuart or Roundhead, books in the Bodleian could be read on the premises or not at all.

  5. Chetham's Library: The UK's Oldest Free Public Reference Library (Manchester, England)
  6. Library of Congress: Jefferson's Legacy (Washington D.C., United States)
  7. The British Library: One of The World's Most Extensive Collections (London, England)

(As a non-Friday Fun aside, I think this company does commercial/corporate blogging very well, something library/institutional blogs could learn from. First create interesting content that's related to your product or service, then once people are on your site enjoying what you've created, do a soft sell for your product or service. Engagement before selling.)

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  • Lassi Hippeläinen says:

    So all impressive libraries of modern times are in English-speaking countries? Some people might disagree...

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