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Jun 11 2009 Published by under blogging, personal

It's with great pleasure that I welcome Walt Crawford and his blog, Walt at Random, to the ScienceBlogs family.

I've been following Walt's writings on the library world for a long time, probably at least seven years, and his Cites &Insights ejournal is a terrific source of links and commentary. Interestingly, it was Walt that inspired me to blog. Interesting, you say, because I've actually been blogging longer than Walt. How is this possible?

Well, it's those early days of Cites & Insights that inspired me to start expressing myself on professional topics. At the time, I was under no illusion that I'd actually be able to produce something similar on a regular schedule, but since blogging was just starting to emerge as a mass activity, I thought I'd give that a try and have been blogging since October 2002. The rest, for better or worse, is history. It's been a great year for me professionally so far, much of it thanks to my blogging activities. I was pleased to finally meet Walt this year at the Ontario Library Association conference.

Thanks, Walt, and welcome.

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  • You're welcome--and thanks for the kind words. Chances are, I would have started blogging earlier if I hadn't started the crazy ejournal experiment--which, at the time, was one of several related experiments. (How crazy? It's one of two such experiments still around--maybe the only one, depending on your definition. And still it persists.)

    And it was a pleasure to finally meet you at OLA SuperConference.

  • Thank you really good...

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