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Jun 05 2009 Published by under acad lib future, escience

I expect blogging will be lighter than usual between now and next Thursday as I have two conferences coming up.

First off, tomorrow here in Toronto I'll be attended BookCamp Toronto, an unconference on "he future of books, writing, publishing, and the book business in the digital age." The program looks very interesting and as you can all imagine I'll be keeping a keen eye out for ideas relevant to the future of libraries. I'm also looking forward to meeting Peter Brantley of for the first time.

Tuesday and Wednesday next week, I'll be at Managing Data for Science, the ICSTI 2009 conference. The program there also looks great. I also expect to meet Richard Akerman at the conference for the first time f2f, odd when you consider how long we've both been scitech library blogging and that Toronto and Ottawa aren't so far apart. Of course, this is another conference that keenly interests me as respects the future of academic libraries. It's worth noting that Dorothea Salo's recent presentation Save the Cows! Cyberinfrastructure for the Rest of Us is a great introduction to the topic and I'm finding it serves very well as preparation for the conference.

I'm traveling to Ottawa on Sunday for some fun family stuff, so I'll have an off day on Monday. I'm planning to go to the new Canadian War Museum, which is supposed to be very impressive.

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  • Yes, the new Canadian War Museum is amazing. Do not expect to see all of it, unless you are prepared to spend an entire day there.

  • John Dupuis says:


    It was truly amazing, I really enjoyed my time there. I was there from about 11am until 5.30 with a lunch break so I was able to get a quick tour of everything. It would easily repay a second visit.

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